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28 October 2009 @ 02:11 pm
There are a few rules to Mosaic, they're not that many and not that hard to follow

Respect. Respect the players, respect the characters, respect the board. If we all respect each other everything is peachy-keen.

The mods are not gods. We can't be everywhere and do everything for you at once, we have lives outside of this and friends who aren't just you.
What happens out of character stays out of character.It's kind of like vegas really. Simply put, just because you know what's really going on doesn't mean your character does! Act accordingly or we won't tell you jack-diddly.

Save the Drama. PLEASE, it ruins things. We don't want to hear about how so-and-so did this thing or that thing to you, or how blahdy-blah won't thread with you and you keep asking and asking. Maybe they're busy or didn't mean to. We're all human, we all make mistakes. We're all mean at times. (The mod has been known to not sugar coat things to people, she appologizes in advance for that.)

The mods reserve the final rights of over ANYTHING. You can suggest away, but if it doesn't happen there's probably a decent reason...like an upcoming plot or a sudden pandemic of chocobo flu in the office or it was a REALLY bad idea.